Why Do Dogs Howl? Apparently this is the reason!

Why Do Dogs Howl? Apparently this is the reason!

Why Do Dogs Howl? Apparently this is the reason!

Why Do Dogs Howl . Dogs howl as a form of communication. They want to attract attention, announce existence, and interact with others. Some of them also howl in response to high voices such as musical instruments, sirens, horns, etc.

But why is it that there are excessive dogs?

1. Be anxious for separation

The anxiety of dogs occurs when he is alone or separated from his owner. It will howl while showing confused expression. Maybe it will be pacing, damaging something, or stress yourself.

2. Medical reasons

A dog howl can also be a code if he is sick or injured. If excessive howling, you should bring your dog to the vet. Perhaps he suffered a certain injury or disease.

Why Do Dogs Howl
Why Do Dogs Howl

What to do if the dog howl is not usually?

If a dog is howling because of a trigger, such as a siren sound or when the adhan is revered, it is most likely that the lotion will stop when the siren or adhan also stops. It is normal. But if the dog is too often howling, of course this habit will be quite annoying. If you want to make your dog quieter and still, you can use Desensitization and Counterconditioning (DSCC).  (Readmore : Smartest Breed Of Dog)

When dogs feel something for some reason, sometimes the way to practice is not as simple as introducing the performance of toys. You must play well with his feelings and motivation.

There are two common remedies used to address anxiety, fear, aggression, and phobia, namely systematic desensitization and counterconditioning. Both are also assessed to effectively address behavioral problems in animals, especially dogs. This therapy can be done by specialized experts who are certified or capable. Why Do Dogs Howl?

Dogs Howl for attention

Some dogs begin to believe that humans will pay attention to them when they howl. So they will howl when in front of you. Maybe they just want to attract attention, want a particular toy, or because it asks for food.

If so, you should learn to curb his vocal behaviour. You must change the “mindset” of the dog, that only by howling, it will be noticed. Make sure the dog knows that they don’t have to howl to ask for attention, food, or toys.

1. Ignore the howls of dogs seeking attention

When the dog is howling in a noisy to steal your attention, hold yourself away from being tempted. No need to stare at it, communicate with it, or touch it.

But don’t get upset too. For whatever your response, even a tone of anger, will be regarded as the attention he succeeds in. Even rearding the dog can make his confession so it adds worse. Just Splash, turn first while.

2. Give appreciation when the dog is silent

When the dog is silent, sometimes the owner forgot to notice. When the dog destroys or mistakes, then you will be sensitive to their existence. But you also must appreciate when the dog is gentle. When they are not a commotion, appreciate or reward with attention, food, or toys. ( Readmore : Dogs with runny noses (like a stricken with influenza)

Educate them sometimes like children. You must be firm on the rules, that the dog does not have to get what he wants. At least until he learns to calm, even though it is only a few seconds. If you howl again, try to ignore it until it is silent. Only when it is quieter, you can pay attention again.

It doesn’t hurt if you teach your dog to be silent when told. You can say ‘ Talk! ‘ or ‘ Talk! ‘, then make your dog howl or barking. For example by tapping a door or wall. Dog Appreciation If you follow your will, but do not use toys or snacks.

Then say ‘ silence ‘ or ‘ hush ‘. When the dog stops barking, then you adore him while giving him a snack. This exercise certainly needs a process. You must apply them many times.

Seeking help

Sometimes a dog that is too noisy becomes a heavy exam of its own. It’s not easy for you to educate you. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek the help of trained dog trainers or professionals.

Spending time with the dog

One reason Why Do Dogs Howl, because they are lonely. Especially if the dog is often left alone. Although the dog is like human, which takes time to socialize. They also need interaction with their human family.

You must more often walk with it, play around, or just take it down. You can also bring your dog to a fun training place. If the situation and condition compel you to leave the dog alone, make sure it is accompanied by a lot of interesting toys and items that can be chewed. Thus, the reason dogs howl.